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Conceptual Branding

The brand is defined as the creating a distinctive identity for a character, entity, service or product and establishing and growing relationships, communication, and transactions between them and their target market, audience, followers, and interests.

Conceptual Branding is part of our asset and resource management  services


Monitoring industries and organisations


Customers' need and people's buying habit


Products and services 


Available and underutilised resources and  assets

How we do it

We focus on creating strong brands due to globally interconnected markers and fierce competition. We monitor industries, social patterns, and human behaviour to identify new product categories and future needs and lay the foundation for new brands with a successful life cycle.

We believe that a robust brand becomes a religion, social status, and a symbol of people's (customers, users and followers) identity. Strong brands are borderless, influence cultures, create momentum (set direction) and offer comfort, joy, purpose and satisfaction.

We create conceptual brands and offer them to individuals, businesses and organisations. We deliver brands with their history to provoke in-house organic entrepreneurial motivation. We call it Pure Adoption.

Meritlands' concept
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why Innostile?

We monitor industries and organisations' performance and operations. Thus, research is a routine activity to identify available product and service categories and potential and saturated markets alongside customers' buying habits and what people want. We utilise the result to create fresh branded concepts and new sub-categories which are compatible with the business environments shaped by societies, the latest investments and technologies. 

Finally, we identify entities and individuals with access to resources and own underutilised assets to commercialise available concepts, create new markets, or improve existing markets.

Our experience in various operations and industries and activities in supply chain management, production and product and process development enable us to operate effectively and differently in developing and commercialising new concepts and brands. We focus on diversification, differentiation, efficiency, creating long-term value, and returns in line with our client's objectives.

There are a variety of brands, such as names and signs on products and services and perceived public images and recognisable characters. Generally, a brand is a name or a combination of words with logos and symbols. A brand helps people distinguish products and services in markets. It is also the result of operations, individual goals and management achievement.

There is an increasing number of articles and opinions about brands on the internet, alongside numerous publications and scholarly works to learn about branding. It is worth mentioning that the internet and technology have heavily impacted marketing management and branding. Nowadays, science and the study of human behaviour play a significant role in marketing management. Neuro-marketing is used to identify and predict people's preferences, which is the primary source to plan product development and marketing strategy. However, creating and maintaining a successful brand requires more than predictions, data, and routine industry practices.





Brands become available organically or artificially, and sometimes there is a blurry gap between them. However, they may coexist to maintain organisations, institutions, people's need(s), and interest(s)  during their life cycle.

Additionally, a brand's existence and success are directly linked to the interplay between people (customers), regulators, institutions and stakeholders’ activities during its life cycle. We also observe big entities spin off new brands, such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Elon Musk of SpaceX, public figures in industries, and increasing number of  consuming products owned by one entity.

life cycle


Brand creation

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Own A Hassle-free Branded Concept 

Logos are linked to a new concepts and operations

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